Even the good guys can’t be good all the time. When a priceless artifact worth a king’s ransom is on the line, nobody can be trusted. (more…)


When bigger doesn’t mean better, sometimes you have to hire a man to formulate the right appearance. A sports columnist is hired to build a facade for a behemoth fighter, but soon finds himself tangled up in more than just a PR campaign. (more…)


In Vichy France-controlled Martinique, you make a living any way you can. For him, that meant renting out his boat to tourists and refugees. For her, that meant charming her way right into men’s minds and wallets. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart pair up for the first time in this 1944 production directed by Howard Hawks and adapted for the screen from Hemingway’s novel by William Faulkner and James Furthman. (more…)