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How to Handle a Police Encounter

An infographic released by shows Americans how to better protect themselves during an encounter with law enforcement. (Source:


Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers
Written by Roger Malcolm

I have never taken the New Year resolution very serious.  I suppose I always allowed the view of others’ failures to cheapen the overall idea.  It wasn’t until 2013 when I realized I should set a New Year’s resolution for myself.  I thought about what it was that I wanted to do and it wasn’t long before I realized my goal.


By Thomas Paine

July, 1775, Pennsylvania Magazine

Could the peaceable principle of the Quakers be universally established, arms and the art of war would be wholly extirpated: But we live not in a world of angels. The reign of Satan is not ended; neither are we to expect to be defended by miracles. The pillar of the cloud existed only in the wilderness. In the nonage of the Israelites. It protected them in their retreat from Pharaoh, while they were destitute of the natural means of defense, for they brought no arms from Egypt; but it neither fought their battles nor shielded them from dangers afterwards.

Written by Roger Malcolm

I’m no Christian and I certainly have only a sourness in me for the tradition of gift-giving during the time of year most refer to as Christmas.  Regardless of my distaste for the big-business corporate exploitation of the pagan holiday known as Yule, I do still love and enjoy the time of year when the earth turns cold – freezing, killing off the weak. We are reminded of our fragility, and the survivors become rejuvenated with renewed spirit for the coming new year.  At least this seems to be the transformation I feel I am a part of as my soul searches and spirit re-balances itself during the winter solstice.

So here are Roger Malcolm’s 10 Christmas Film Favourites…


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