Artistic brothers…

Written by Roger Malcolm11221708_690034964460334_2379468363241353868_n

I took a trip up north yesterday solely to visit my friend David who I had not seen or talked to in a year and 9 months. It was like we had just hung out yesterday, only we both had so much to tell the other. We’re so much alike that he refers to us as Tomax and Xamot from G.I. Joe, yet I say he’s the Thomas Jefferson to my Thomas Paine. When we are struggling together I say he’s the Klaus Kinski to my Werner Herzog,

though we might struggle and drive each other to the edge of sanity, we produce magic together. No one I have ever met stimulates me more intellectually, challenges me to improve my chess strategy more and inspires me artistically to be as creative as possible more than he.

When we first met in 2006, I was lost inside, I say it was the lowest point of my life. The first thing we did was play a game of chess, which I won, he’ll tell you he let me. I’ll say he underestimated me. From that day on we have been through quite a bit together and our friendship has only grown stronger. As similar as we are, we are drastically different as well, which I contribute to how well we work together. It took us 3 years to finish our 2nd Doritos commercial from it’s original conception. Something I was extremely proud of to be able to complete after we produced our 1st commercial that found local success but failed on the national level.

Dave contributed absolutely necessary commentary in our 3 Men and a Movie film criticism review series which we were able to produce 24 episodes of during a 22 week run. I was the one that created the idea, produced and edited each episode and his appreciation for my effort was shown each week he was there putting everything he could into the discussions, conscientiously critiquing all of our efforts and sincerely complimenting my skills as he noticed them improving each week in the editing department.

Before I had ever written one word of dialogue for a film script, I stood on his porch with a group of guys and declared my intentions to write a screenplay. No one said one word to me and basically just ignored me, except Dave, he approached me and said “Roger, I’d be interested in working with you on that story you were talking about.” I lit up inside. If it had not been for him believing in me that day, I highly doubt I ever would have finished my first script.

We have big plans for the future and together we have plans to do something artistically that’s never been done but the time of the world is aligning to our advantage and we are fully aware of our opportunity. This man saved me from my state of oblivion 9 years ago. Some folks can’t handle his frequency he emits but it renewed mine.

I was once standing in his tattoo shop Skeleton Crew Tattoo, which he co-owns with his brother, when a person started attacking me verbally for being there when I myself am a blank canvas (at least on the outside) lacking tattoos on my skin. Dave’s brother Tyler interjected saying “Yeah, that’s how we know Roger is a true friend cause he’s not here hounding us for tattoos.” A comment that hit me so deep. I’ll never know how or why I have been blessed with such amazing friendships my whole life. It’s truly a humbling experience that I am extremely fortunate to have.


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