Hoosier Pro Wrestling “Wrestling Justice”

Hoosier Pro Wrestling “Wrestling Justice” 6-7-2014

Reported Attendance:  230 Paid raised a reported $400 for American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life


1.  The opening match was short between Ricky Ruckus and two members of the J.W.O. (Juggalo World Order).  Fast Eddie and The Wicked Clown lost to Ruckus in the handicap match.  Fast Eddie seemed to be injured after the contest.

2.  The second match saw Fiji Wildman turn on his tag partner Stompin’ Steve before the start of the match.  Fiji blasted Steve repeatedly with a kendo stick.  Turning heel, Fiji joined the J.W.O. member Cousin Cooter to take on Stompin’ Steve and the replacement wrestler Sabatoge Styes.  The match ended with the J.W.O. beating both opponents with the kendo stick.

3.  Lighting Bolt Johnson in his heat-generating neon green trunks defeated Drax O’Brien after a very unexpected Canadian Destroyer.  Solid in-ring work by these two wrestlers.

4.  The Tag Team Champions 8 Bit Punks (Damian Cole and Anarchy) were challenged by TVZ, Tom and Troy Van Zant.  Tom entered sans Troy as the two appear to be having differences in opinion.  Troy came out over with the fans causing a drastic change from the crowd’s boos for Tom.  Tom cheated scoring the pinfall winning the titles for TVZ.  Only after the 8 Bit Punks protested with help from the fans did the referee reverse the decision awarding the titles back to the 8 Bit Punks.

5.  The “Queen of Mean” Nikki defeated the Hi-Tech Redneck Hillbilly Jed with loads of outside interfernce in a no-DQ match.  Tom Van Zant did the most even placing Nikki on a fallen Jed for the victory.  During the match Nikki stapled dollar bills to Jed 3 times.  He was able to return the favor by stapling her once on the buttocks and once more on her chest.

6.  Dash Venture and Nate Stone battled Diceman Ronnie Vegas and Insane Wayne with Elmo.  The intial match ended in a count-out when Dash and Ran to the locker room for safety.  At one point Dash managed to get his hands on Diceman’s bat with which he held Elmo hostage.  Eventually Jerry Wilson allowed the match to continue with hardcore rules after Nate and Dash was dragged from the back by their hair.  Diceman and Insane made short work of Dash and Nate using a large plastic garbage can over both their heads finishing the match.

7.  2 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway and TJ Powers tagged against the team of Donny Idol and Too Cool TJ Kemp.  Idol and Kemp worked over Powers for most of the match.  Rob Conway’s crowd interaction was as good as I’ve ever seen live.  He made it a point to connect to the fans that were cheering him as most viewed him as a heel when he first entered.  Solid in ring work by Conway until interference by JKO caused a disqualification leading to the win for Idol and Kemp.  Conway then had words with JKO leading to Conway to turn face siding with his recent opponents Donny Idol and TJ Kemp.

8.  HPW Heavyweight Champion JKO was defeated by Double R Rob Ramer in the Main Event.  Rob Conway came to the ring supporting Ramer as he became the new HPW Champion.

Overall a fully entertaining show.  My personal highlights were the Canadian Destroyer from Lightning Bolt Johnson, Anarchy from the 8 Bit Punks Pac-Man tights and Rob Conway’s crowd interaction.  A scheduled match between TVZ brothers Tom and Troy was announced for the 11th annual JD Byrider and HPW “Fill the Shelves” food drive on June 28th.

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